Wtk – Evolution EP

Wtk is from Lithuania, a place I know nothing about. I feel this is a good illustration of how no matter where you are from, as long as you enjoy music you will be able to speak with anyone from around the world. Wtk teeters on the fence between instrumental hip-hop and chill out trip-hop. What’s the difference you ask? Well it is kind of blurred between the catchy beats of hip hop and the downtempo style trip-hop ala early Parov Stelar or Saltillo. You won’t find any emotive strings here but the 5 song, 20 minute EP still packs a punch.

I was looking for something atmospheric and I have found that (or been invited by) in Wtk. The tunes are densely layered and at times complicated, but not enough for it to be unpleasant. The first few tracks evolved within themselves and slowly built themselves up much like a building, piece by pice until the finished work slowly shifts from view. Then the EP takes a pleasant turn giving you a more atmospheric and spacey track with which a wah wah guitar solo takes centre stage for the listener. Click on the artowrk to take you to the download page – you may need Google translater, but not for the music.

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