Flica – Telepathy Dreams

This album sort of makes me wish it was June, with the frosty cold air deftly touching the cheeks as I walk down city streets this album would warm the enveloping winter. Alas, it is not to be, but this record from Malaysian native Flica is certainly one to check out. Lush ambient soundscapes swirl behind delicate piano lines that linger in your mind far after the song has finished. It isn’t complex nor is it asking too much of the listener, it just is…and that’s what makes it wonderful. Flica manages to restrain himself where others might succumb to writing full blown epics, not with this album, even when you think the track will fall apart in your ears and climax it doesn’t, the strings just subtley subside leaving you wondering whether you wanted it, or just wanted to drift away in blissful ignorance.

Each song  endeavors to construct a screenplay from basic elements until a story, conceived yb the listener, forms. Commes places me running along to the cliffs edge, gaining speed and gradually feeling the connection of earth organic nature and some sort of transcendendant divide, suddenly, the edge arrives and your body feels weightless…drifting…floating. All of a sudden your feet are once again on solid ground as you contemplate what you have just experienced. Magnificent.

One Response to “Flica – Telepathy Dreams”
  1. euseng seto says:

    i like your review! thanks!

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