Grizzly Bear – Veckatimist

I am way late on this bandwagon, I don’t really blame myself though for this year has brought about so much great music there is just not enough time in the day to check everything out. Veckatimest is plain and simple an honest record, full of warmth and labored love from some seriously talented men. This is not music that you immediately like, nor understand, rather you have to let it sink in, listen with high quality gear and seriously listen. Vocal harmonies permeate the dense, rich textures throughout the album. Guitars are buried in layers of instrumentation, meandering and swirling around one another like a finely tuned acrobatic act. Equally impressive are the sounds that Grizzly Bear pull from their instruments, demanding that you pay attention to the plucking of a string and the reverberation followed by it.

This album is not perfect, and it needn’t be for it’s flaws only show that it is truly a work of man-made art, true to the self and to the listener. At times the songs may meander away from the listeners perspective, however Grizzly Bear more often than not succeed in pulling oyu straight back in with a complete and utter jaw dropping moment (see Ready, Able for the perfect example of this) while in other songs just bring a smile to your face (Two Weeks is just majestically written). No matter what you’re into it is difficult to not appreciate such a wonderfully crafted, detailed and intricate piece of work and certainly one of the top releases this year.

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