Képzelt Város – Mit Nekem

This album was quite a nice suprise, this band from good old Hungary play some beautiful, heavy, serene  and melodc post-rock. They seem to take what is great about a number of post-rock bands, for example Russian Circles’ seriously heavy moments, Explosions in the Skys’ ability to move from loud to soft with precision and even Mono’s more anthemic moments and tailor them all into one.

The album forms from its first track spruking some spoken word overdubs that seem to be date stamped around the 1950’s, but it is in Hungarian of course. From then on we are treated to some very nice tunes – a lot of the album shows great dynamic with a cello and piano often leading the songs with intricate drumming and beautiful guitar work. What sets these guys apart from the previous post-rock acts mentioned is that they do have vocals on a few tracks, and these by no way detract fromt he listneing experience, rather enhancing it in my view. The vocalists voice is sincere and clearly demonstrates plenty of skill, and it is always a good thing when a voice can move you regardless of the language barrier. This is definately a great album if you want something to listen to in the dark hours of the night.

Oh and four of the members of the band are architects – nice.

One Response to “Képzelt Város – Mit Nekem”
  1. Scott says:

    Piano and cello you say? I’ll have to remember this.

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