Roland Schwarz – The Crunch EP

This short EP was just released by a fellow named Roland Schwarz, he is label mates with swing/jazz/electro/house maestro Parov Stelar (who offers a delightful remix himself). To be honest, Parov Stelar drew me to this EP alone, but I am familiar with Schwarz’s work which combines breakbeat with wonderfully crafted modern jazz pieces. The single carries an eclectic mix of saxaphone, crisp drum beats and pristine key lines, while Stelar’s remix is heavy on the vocal samples and gives you a real refined, classy feel with hand clap clad beats and a winding synth line. Enjoy while relaxing, this is perfect.

2 Responses to “Roland Schwarz – The Crunch EP”
  1. Scott says:

    Unrelated, but Russian Circles’ Geneva arrived. It’s pretty good, not as heavy as Enter was with a lot more bass, some string instruments and occasional synthesizer. I recommend it if you were thinking about it.

  2. Alex says:

    The mention of synthesizers and string arrangements only fuels my interest in it, i shall check it out tommorow, cheers mate

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