Worm is Green – Glow

Some music is just tailor made for headphones, not shitty headphones, but headphones that can handle the heavy synth bass sounds, the organic electronic tonalities and intricate glitch laden beat tronica. Worm is Green started out as one man manipulating the sounds of two icelandic stones being rubbed together – it’s no suprise then that with their third release entitled Glow we are presented with such an organic, earthly sounding record that also accomodates for dark electronic beats and at times trip hop inspired compositions.

For the most part the vocals are taken on board by the female frontwoman, Icelandic names are hard to spell and pronounce so I will spare both of us the arduous task of naming each member, but I can say that the vocals represent a soft and delicate touch – cold but with a hint of sun – the kind just warm enough to melt the top layer of snow in mid winter. She has been likened to the voice of Bjork but in my opinion her voice doesn’t irritate my ears as the aforementioned tends to do. Coupling these vocals with the music reminds me of early Parov Stelar but without the jazz influence and more of an ambient, minimalistic tone.

Compositionally the album is sound, it’s not the kind of album your going to like immediately, but it is often cited that the best albums always take repeated listens to find their true voice. I immediately dismissed this album while giving it a quick listen, but came back to it with my trusty headphones and they have brought it to life. It is a record that you really have to deconstruct for yourself and experience, I can say that it seems the band combines electronic beats and IDM style breaks with live percussion, and rather than having the beat carry the song the synth lines carry the actual essence of the cancion along with driving, deep, pulsing synth rhythms. Pleasantly some songs roll along without too much variation, lulling you into a false sense of security until the next track gradually intensifies, slowly builds and leaves you flawed by what you’ve just exeperienced.

Overall, a fine effort from the Icelandic group, and th eperfect antidote to the heatwave we are experienceing here in Australia.


Worm is Green

2 Responses to “Worm is Green – Glow”
  1. reza says:

    what is the magic word (Password)??


  2. Alex says:

    nodata.tv is the magic word

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