Kid Cudi – Man on the Moon – The End of Day

Kid Cudi had his name mentioned on a few forums I frequent, and i figured i should probably check out his debut album – a five act concept album involving the heavy substance abuse of shrooms, weed and all things whack. Get past the constant drug references and ‘dick sucking’ and you actually have a pleasant album. Aesthically.

So for me it is probably a good thing i don’t pay too much attention to lyrcy in ‘rap’ music these days – rather marvelling in the glossy production and semi-progressive ideas coming out of the hip hop producers of the world these days. This album does not fall any bit short of showcasing these skills with the first half of the record revelling in slow burning heavy hip hop numbers – the songs are slow but still engaging melding slick beats with orchestral synths and swaying electronics. I’m not sure whether this was an intentional musial metaphor for the drug use in this record – but it works nonetheless.

Move on from the heartfelt numbers and we find some real gems in latter part of this album – Enter Galactic is a speel on spliffing with your girl and going down on her neatly trimmed pubic hair – at least thats what i can gather form the lyrics,

“i wanna kiss you down below your navalette, the place you keep so neat and wet like a towlette”

Maybe its coz im white and i don’t share the connection with the hip hop folk, but thsi seems weird – i’ll never understand 😀 But hey, doesn;t mean the music isnt scintilating – Common guests as a voiceover interlude which is nice, and we meld into the electric guitar laden and wah wah bass filled Alive, before we hit the Lady Gaga samples Make Her Say which call son the big guns including mr West for a cameo. I really like how the album finishes though – Hyyyer is a meditation on you guesses it, drugs again, but its catchy and filthy with bass – album close Up Up & Away is just pure fun.

Congratulations Kid Cudi – you’ve swayed this pasty kid form downunder – i’ll wait and see what you bring to the table next time round…

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