Parov Stelar – Coco Pt 2

Parov Stelar’s second disc of his latest long player release “Coco” is an amalgamation of the territory he has covered as a club DJ over the past two years, everything he has melded together from jazz, swing and that retro soncialisation has been combined with the unique flavour of electro house emerging from the underground club scene of the last few years. Stelar creates a unique sound without comprimisation of classic

Parov style or the modern terrain he chooses to cover in his live sets.

Coco Part Two brings a sort of flare to the table that cannot be found anywhere else, with tracks like Ragtime Cat guiding the electro scene juxtaposed with 60’s swing and jazz horns, along with disco era dance floor anthems being presented in the track Starlight – Stelar cannot go wrong. The disc en

capsulates what it means to have fun. Matilda gets those feet moving and is the perfect summer soundtrack itself, while Silent Snow begs to be played on a hot summers night.

Whatever mood your in there is a song for you on this disc, and this is just testam

ent to the diversity Stelar exhibits in his accomplished sounds.

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