Parov Stelar – Coco Pt 1

If you are a fan of Parov Stelar’s work you probably know what you are in for with his latest release “Coco“. I would urge you however to remain uncomplacent as the man also known as Cash Candy among other aliases is forever progressing his talents into unchartered fields. Coco is a fictional friend of Stelar’s, or so he says here – and it is this friend that guided him through the production of this record.

The album’s first disc (aptly subtitled ‘part one’) is comprised of Stelar’s unique attention to detailed production that we’ve come to love from his previous dark film noir styled releases (see Shine and Rough Cuts), however the muso showcases his progression as both a musician and producer. The best kind of artisit is one that challenges himself, and this can be seen in such acts as Omar Rodriguez Lopez and Venetian Snares. Stelar’s progression here presents one of storytelling and enigmatic lyricism. His compositions revolve for the most part around strong piano lines and catchy rhythmic hooks, utilising synth pads and noir stretches to fill in the already layered space. Hurt displays a connection with his older material encorporating distant reeds and live percussion swelling mood up from underneath the listeners feet before a piano line breaks the dwelling attention with crisp female vocals.

Parov continues the female vocal strength throughout the record, utilising a myriad of guest singers, none of which feature more prominantly than Lilja Bloom his on stage performer. Lilja grabs hold of perfect delivery during True Romance linking her strong pipes with Parov’s crisp production of swirling synths and deep house textures. Parov doesn’t limit his music to female vocals however, venturing into the realm of hip hop with Blacktronics guesting on lead single Let’s Roll – a bass filled floor filler guaranteed to please. He again incorporates the rap stylings of Veda 36 on Sunny Bunny Blues a with style unheard of.

Although Parov showcases his celebrated progression from his early days of noir inspired trip hop and deep house , he still remains in touch with his roots. Letoile (fea Max the Sax) is quite possibly his greatest achievement in mood setting, with a lone piano intro blissfully ushering in a bass hop with an alternating high note piano piece – all wrapped up in the melancholic synth and soul capturing saxaphone of Max the Sax. It doesn’t get much better than this.

So really, if it’s warm where you are turn down the lights, head outside and relax during a dark night to some seriously encapsulating tunes.

4 Responses to “Parov Stelar – Coco Pt 1”
  1. palidzi says:

    how to dwnld from when i have non-ukrainian IP address?

    • Alex says:

      Here is a rapidshare mirror:


      If that doesnt work, translate the site in google translator (russian —> english) and you should be able to get it 🙂


  2. palidzi says:

    thx for the mirror 🙂

    btw there’s no problem with translation(although i don’t speak russian) because the problem is in IP

    check red rectangle in this screenshot

  3. Alex says:

    ahk no worries, this parov stelar leak had eluded me for a while – it was hard to find! hope you enjoy the album!

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