The Smiths – The Very Best Of

I kind of dove into the deep end with The Smiths, an unknown to me but not foreign – i was introduced to their song ‘This night has opened my eyes’ when At The Drive-In covered it on their anthology cd a few years back. I immediately fell in love with the song and had to get my hands on some original material. It only took a few days for the instant pop melodies of the slick guitar work and meandering basslines to infiltrate my brain. However the most striking instrument used by the Smiths is Morriseys unique and emotive voice – the man himself pens lyrics of complete horror and turmoil and make them sound like happy love songs which to me is just brilliant. And you can’t help but sing a long to numbers such as ‘Heaven knows im miserable now’ and ‘this charming man’ and then dive straight into depression with the infinately saddening ‘I know its over’. A pure gem.

One Response to “The Smiths – The Very Best Of”
  1. Anonymous says:

    your a gem^^

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