Lamar Holley – Confessions of a College Student

Pop instills fear in me, it’s the kind of music that i often turn down because of my pre-determined judgements of the whole genre – this could be because I wasn’t exposed to The Beatles as a child or have not grown up on catchy hooks and melodies of The Beach Boys. Fortunately Lamar Holley has reinstated my faith in Pop music.

Confessions of a College Student presents the listener with an interesting foray of powerpop gems surrounding the life and times of a College student – falling in love, falling out of love and expereiencing all that College has to offer. I’d understand if the phrase ‘Pop Musical’ where to make you cringe inside but the music is so well crafted that it does not ooze of gummy bear niceness so much as it touches the heart and begs to be spun a second and third time round.

Biology introduces the story of a student encountering college for the first time, awash in a gaze of people all attending a biology class the students’ eye is caught by a girl, and so sets the theme of the album. Madame Shamrock centrepoints the album with its splendourous vocal harmonies and Pretend That She’s Ugly invites a comedic yet joyful way to approach the students’ dillema.

I’m in no way familiar or a fan of the Pop world, however Lamar Holley’s Confessions of a College Student rekindles my love for well crafted, melodic and seemingly simple yet intricate songs begging for a second listen and enticing you into the writer’s world.

You can purchase Confessions of a College Student by Lamar Holley at these very convenient locations…


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