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Long time no post. I know. Ive been taken by a few things in my life as of late but now i bring you a post by Sargent House rep Cathy Pellow, outlining her and echoing others’ views of the music industry juggernaut of today and i find her words fitting to post here, enjoy:

Taken from the Sargent House Blog (find in bloglist)

I’m going to quote a guy named Skwerl who writes for a music site we like very much called Antiquiet. This quote comes from a review he did of a band we also like very much called Portugal the Man, who along with RX Bandits are in the same situation. They are both hard working, honest, integrity-filled artists that have incredible records coming out on July 21st and who should both be in the Top 10 on Billboard the week they come out but sadly, most likely won’t. Let’s change this.

“While the ‘evil’ music industry can be left for dead, some of today’s best bands could be at the top of the charts if more people still applied at least some level of sanctity to the act of purchasing a record and showed their support with a ten dollar bill. One could take this scenario one step further and envision a NEW MOVEMENT, if it could just be proven that there’s substantial commercial demand for product of true quality.” – Skwerl

Imagine if the mediocrity on the radio airwaves were to be replaced with great music? It could be, but it’s really up to us, because in the end it’s “follow the money” that makes stores stock records, venues book bands, radio play songs, etc. So, let’s spend our money on quality and no longer accept these iPod playing / fake, auto-tune, lip-syncing band scenarios.

I’m asking you all to help us make a dent. Let’s put these albums made by real musicians with integrity in their proper place at the top. This is a David and Goliath moment for all of us. We are hoping that RX Bandits new album Mandala, which we made available a week early via AmazonMP3 for only $2.99, is inexpensive enough to be able to contribute to our quest to show it can be done – good music can and must prevail! So besides this being an album we think is beautiful, creative, progressive and a work of art, and even if you don’t agree with us on RX Bandits, well then step away from that and think of the bigger picture –it is time for the music lovers’ voices to be heard, it is up to you to help bands and labels like us who support and play non-traditional , non-commercial music to become the winners.

The state of the music industry feels to me like the state of the nation at the time of the last election. What did people do? Instead of complaining, we got off the couch and VOTED for the first time. Voted to change this country’s course – we need to do the same – we need to rally to elect real musicians & great music to the office of #1 on Billboard. I’m not here to beg for money, I’m here to beg for music to be recognized, for real artists to be acknowledged. I hope that everyone that wants change in the music industry and on their radio dials will buy, or should I say contribute $2.99 toward a cause much bigger than one band’s record. We couldn’t be happier to have teamed with Amazon to be able to offer the RX Bandits album Mandala, for a price less than a cup of designer coffee, because we want everyone to hear it. We want no one to have the often-valid excuse of “I don’t have the money.” So, I hope you’ll vote, I hope you’ll contribute – I hope you will listen, It’s up to all of us that claim to love independent music. It really is.

Please buy albums by great bands. If not the new RX Bandits album then, please make a gesture today and purchase a hard working, true band’s album today – let’s change things.

Much respect to you all, except the haters

from the little label that is trying to push boulders up that hill.

3 Responses to “Sargent House Ideals”
  1. Frank says:

    excellent post dude.

    glad to see someone else is spreading the Sargenthouse love!

  2. Cathy Pellow says:

    Thank you for helping us to spread the word about how we operate. Now the only complaint I have is “spelling” it’s Sargent House no extra a, but I love you anyway.

  3. Alex says:

    haha sorry Cathy, don’t know what was going on there :S All fixed 🙂

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