Harry Potter Vs Transformers Review

What could be more different? One film perusing the story of a boy wizard encountering sorcery and magic of grand proportions and the other a bombastic cum ambitious tale of robot wars unfolding beneath our very own eyes – well in fact there are more similarites than differences although the execution of each film seperates them quite distinctly.

We’ll have to set a few things straight before i dive into the review, some precursors if you will – as a casual filmgoer i am both virgin to the cinematics of both pictures, and subsequently been unexposed to preceeding literature of either fashion. In this case my knowledge of Harry Potter’s umbrelic storyline and Transformers epinomous debut binds me to a certain objective wall, and in the wake of my position i feel it neccesary to deconstruct these films on entertainment value solely. But I wont. In fact what the hell am i talking about ill go on…

Essentially what you get with Transformers (2) is a beaten up storyline with essentially a few gloriously hot girls to carry home the bacon, and yes they are hot, but they certainly do not carry the story anywhere with the climax taking upward of an hour to unfold and more rusty metal than you could poke a stick at id much rather prefer to go to a spare parts car yard and throw around some scrap metal, but hey, talking robots are cool right? But not my cup of tea.

So how does Harry Potter fair? Well, to be honest it relies less on gimmicks and moreso and its fantastical wonderings of magic – and unlike Transformers failing to hook me into fighting robots Potter and Co aptly manage to catch my eye with dazzling effects and thought out post-production imagery. The wizardry was melded with slapstick humour, even borrowing ideas from absurdist forerunners such as Samuel Beckett with it’s various “Waiting for Godot-esque” dialogue that carries on between Potter and Weasley – quite amusing to say the least. Unfortunately the film carried the same achiles heal as Transformers only in reverse – in that it’s beginning almost dabbled in various plots and did not build sufficiently to it’s climax (although much better executed than Transformers’ dispirate attempts at acting with robots)…im sorry i just don’t get it.

The curmudgeon of ideas does sort itself out in Harry Potter and provides for an entertaining film, while Transformers seems to go absolutely nowhere for too long…hell… even the girls in Harry Potter could match those in Transformers…

One Response to “Harry Potter Vs Transformers Review”
  1. Anonymous says:

    hahahahah i love it! but then when u say harry potter has no plot, i have to say its because it is setting up the final novel and is essentially adding to many ideas built over the last 4 novels. hehe

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