Saltillo – Ganglion

It is with great pleasure that i dedicate the blogs one hundredth post to this album. I don’t know why I havn’t posted this yet, in fact it astounds me that I have not. This album encompasses beauty and pain and all that comes in between. Songs of distant love and confused madness characterise this collection of beautifully orchestrated tracks.

Believe it or not, this record is the work of one man and his many instruments – soldering together the earthliness of strings and delicate female vocals with out-there electronic beats and texture. Saltillo succeeds in drawing influences from all realms – whether it be the native indian vocalisations on “Grafting” or the western slide guitar of “I’m on the wrong side” he manages to present a focused and enigmatic portrait of the modern neo-classical sound.

2 Responses to “Saltillo – Ganglion”
  1. Anonymous says:

    What an absolute surprise. I just love this. You are transported to another world listening to this. Thank you.

  2. Alex says:

    so true, its been a while since he has released anything so really hoping for new material

    thanks for visiting 🙂

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