Closure in Moscow – First Temple

Oh hey! A decent local band – not too many of these in Australia. Closure in Moscow come from good old Melbourne – when they were living here they toured frequently with shitty scene bands and that is probably one of the main reasons why i have not heard of them until yesterday…

Moving to America and signing to Equal Vision Records was a very good move – a lot of equal vision bands are bland and uninspired – but this is one of their very few exceptions (bear vs shark [RIP], moros eros [RIP] and the Kinison [RIP]) – oh shit….hopefully these guys have a longer span than those fabulous bands.

The music? it’s fast, powerful and frenetic post-hardcore. Very technical guitars and soaring vocals – the vocals simply are amazing and make this album what it is – lead singer *enter name here* has a great range and knows how to belt out a tune – and htis only makes the music better. Opening Kissing Cousins is catchy as hell while vanguard is an all out assault of powerful guitars and thundering drums. Album highlight is A Night at the Spleen – motherfucking catchy as hell and id be lying if i was not turned on aurally during this song…

Unfortunately the second half of the album does die down abit – but hey i cut them some slack coz it’s their first full length. Well done indeed.

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    time u put something else up ?
    imu lol

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