After Three Seconds – Genius Loci EP

After Three Seconds are from Southbury, Conneticut in the United States – and to be honest i got no freaking idea where the hell that is because im from Adelaide, SA, AUS. But this doesnt matter coz music travels accross great seas to reach individual’s ears right? Well this EP has successfully journeyed it’s way to my ears – thank you interwebs.

You’ll find a varied offering with this, i can only assume, the bands first foray into recording – and although it is obvious that there is a young group behind the tunes – there is also evidence showing musical maturity and knowledge (of which i have none of). Opener Tunguska immediately grabs hold of the listener with it’s upbeat nature and use of jangly piano along with punching guitars – and to be honest there is nothign wrong with the piano playing this role – Pinkly Smooth did this successfully and so do these guys. The track really excells (and grabs my attention) with the piano solo at the breakdown (it’s a fuck yeah moment) – it’s melodic and powerful and bordering on cheesy…not nightwish cheesy but just enough to make it enjoyable.

Solstice is really where the bands maturity shines – the verses channel Ben Folds Five to perfection – this may not be a positive thing for many of you out there but i’d be lying if i didn’t enjoy me some Ben Folds. The track has a semi-adult contemporary indie-pop feel (way too many genres there but who cares) but quickly transitions to a pseudo-metal sounding chorus – and then floating back to the original acoustic lullabye that ushered in the track.

Seven Skeletons Dancing. I have a bone to pick here…no pun intended of coure…I cannot get over how the vocal melody mirrors that of..dare i say it…Avril Lavignes “Complicated”. Other than that the track offers a boppy indie number which is catchy as hell – driven by acoustic guitar and once again that piano which is a delightful element of the bands repetoir.

Finally, to end the EP we have a nine-minute romp of prog-rock goodness. Dead Man’s Lantern is wisked in with some white noise and footsteps before a solo guitar starts to take hold – reminds me of The Thirty Years War (the band that started the Fall of Troy) – some neat drum work joins in and the song kicks off – shit some cool keyboard just kicked in…why not? I really enjoy the vocals on this one, showcasing the indie-rock tendencies of the band – its ‘nice’ in a good way.
This song reaks of sexy keyboard in the middle – whoever wrote the music somehow knew that i love that type of keyboard (seriously i know nothing about music i just know that this keyboard tone is whack) – so back to the song – there is some shredding and stop starting and powerful instrumentation which encompases the calm before the storm so to speak – everythign is stripped back to what i can tell is a semi-acoustic guitar accompanied by some thick bass goodiness, enter the piano, the building drums and we are set for the storm…

Is this EP enjoyable? Hell yeah, it’s poppy, it’s catchy and it has some seiorus rock out moments – if it wasn’t for the semi-avril lavigne moment half way through id enjoy it even more – but that’s not to say you shouldn’t keep an eye on whats to come.

After Three Seconds
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