Headphone Review – Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro (250 ohm)

So i am no audiophile, which means this review won’t be as pro as it should be. All i can tell you about these headphones is that they are so crisp, so full and so damn good.

I’m currently listneing to Organic Stereo’s Brightness and the bass filters through the strings with magnificent ease while the taps of the xylophone permeate each ear and the bass drum breaks the thin ice with cleanliness. Bleeps whistle from side to side and i can still here the violins whizzing away in the background…

These, so far, are great for electronic music and anything experimental. Strings are hearty and vocals are forefront to any piece of music. Clarity is at an all time high with the cans handling multiple instumen arrangement with significant ease.

Comfort wise the velour earpads are a definite plus, although a little tight around the ears im sur ehtis will diminish with time as the bands get weaker. As for look…they don’t make me look like a douche – they are quite fashinable…well as fashionable as headphones can get and look great. Well worht the 320 dollars – thanks Kevin Rudd đŸ˜€

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