Bars of Gold – First Live Show (bootleg)

So i haven’t even listened to this yet but ima post it for ya’ll anyway. For those of you who are familiar – the man who looks like he is possessed in the photo above is Marc Paffi (formerly of the illustrious band Bear Vs Shark). Yes, this is the new band that has risen form the ashes of the much beloved aforementioned…so check this bootleg out, it’s their first show and i am expecting good things…

01. Intro 1
02. Born a Cannibal
03. Intro 2
04. Up Up Up
05. Intro 3
06. Doctors and Lawyers
07. Intro 4
08. Cars Asleep
09. Intro 5
10. Birds

2 Responses to “Bars of Gold – First Live Show (bootleg)”
  1. Anonymous says:

    is there anyway you can set the mediafile link to not private, really want to get a listen of this… thanks!

  2. Alex says:

    hey man,

    Unfortunately ive searched for a fresh link and cannot find one, i wasnt the original uploader so am unable to unlock the file – and i have shitty internet so cant upload the file again :S Really sorry!

    BUT – Bars of Gold have recorded a couple of songs and theyre up on their myspace!



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