Minus the Bear – Planet of Ice

My love affair with Minus the Bear started when i picked up their Menos el Oso album 3 years ago. I brought it home and listened to it while a friend dyed my hair – i was going through a phase with my music – an exciting one which would lead me to greater things. The same could not be said for my hair that night…

Planet of Ice feels like an icy album – an album that you put on when the rain is hitting hard against the windscreen of your car. I also get this sense of sexual passion, i know weird right? But it is like Minus the Bear have sexually matured – ageing from adolescence to men – and it shows in the lyrics of songs like White Mystery and Patiently waiting (if you have the aussie release).

Lotus is a huge trip of prog greatness while the images of drinking warm sake on a cold Japanese night could not be pulled off any better in the alluring song Part 2.

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