Random Post for Anonymous # 6

This is not a humerous post. This is not a beam of light. This is a post of extreme disdain and disbelief…Above is a photograph taken from the crash two minutes from my house at 12.30am on the 28 of March 2009. Two cars were drag racing on Magill road in excess of 150 kilometers per hour. They lost control of their cars and both crashed head on into stoby polls. One man was killed instantly. One youth dragged himself out of his burning wreck with only one leg. Two other passengers were seriously injured.

It is difficult to feel sympathy for these people. In fact, i do not feel sympathy, not one bit for the man who lost his leg (possibly two). I hope he is haunted for the rest of his life for killing and seriously injuring people he knows. I hope he is haunted with the images of familes gathering at the crash site in horrific agony because of his actions. I hope he never lives it down. He never will.

What happened was a tragedy, but like most tragedies could have been avoided – stupidity like this should not be glorified and should not be praised. The only saving grace that came out of this ordeal is that no innocent people/bystanders where killed – but that is not always the case.

This Adleaide reader sums the whoel thing up pretty well,

“The best thing for our youth is not to experience death (for which they have no concept) but to understand suffering (which lasts a life-time): Suffering with permanent physical or intellectual disability. Loss of independence and freedom. The indiginity of having someone else attend to their basic hygeine. The guilt and anguish of killing a(n) innocent bystander and robbing a family of their precious loved ones. If the survivor only lost a limb then he was relatively lucky. He will now have a life-time to reflect on the death he was involved in and what advice he might give to future generations.

Grow Up.

4 Responses to “Random Post for Anonymous # 6”
  1. Adam says:

    oh wow. that’s awful.


  2. Alex says:

    hopefully some good can come of it.


  3. Anonymous says:

    R.I.P ming i’ll always remember you as the funny one in the crowd 😦

  4. Alex says:

    im sorry for your loss

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