Soil & "Pimp" Sessions Feature Artist

You can tell by the photo above that this is no ordinary Japanese jazz band – these guys are quite possibly the most fun, neergetic and downright awesome band i have come accross in the last year or so. I mean, they have a member who takes on the role of ‘the agitator’ at live shows – basically requiring him to agitate the crowd and get them ready to dance the night away.

Soil & “pimp” Sessions were formed from the tiring disco scene in Japan – they yearned for something fun to dance to, something fast, hectic and sweaty. What has arisen from this dull era is amazing and must be heard to be believed. Self-described as ‘death jazz’ the band is an onslaught of blistering horn sections, an astonishing drumming section (the guy does nto let up) and the added element of classy piano. It is fresh, it is danceable, and it’ll keep you awake at night wanting more.

Soil & “Pimp” Sessions – Pimp Master (2005)

Soil & “Pimp” SessionsPlanet Pimp

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