RX Bandits – …And the Battle begun

So after a bit of a musical lull of sorts i have made a concious decision tof inally check these guys out. And damnit im glad i did – there’s something irresistable for me about reggae/ska stuff, but i’d never listen to a whole album of the stuff. Enter RX Bandits – a what most people now would call a progressive rock band with elements of reggae and ska music – true to their early form.

It is an extremely impressive amalgamation of ska/reggae and progressive experimental rock ala The Sound of Animals Fighting – you can really hear in these songs how Matt Embree influenced that band. It is this ecclectic nature of the music that keeps you coming back. From the finger clicking tangent that 1980 takes you on to the hard hitting rock of To Our Unborn Daughters it is an absolute trip. And i cannot get past the awesome slower songs on this record – showcased by apparition and only for the night – technical and catchy and it’s great.

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