Karate – 595

For those unfamiliar with Karate (it should be obvious that im talking about the band and not the martial art). Jokes aside, Karate led by Farina is what some may regard as an influential band on rock movements to come, but what i regard as a fresh sounding, sonically challenging trio that combined their extensive musical knowledge with rock sensibilites to win hearts accross the globe.

This, their final release before disbanding is their 595th live show recorded in Italy i believe. It showcases the bands jazz/rock genre at it’s rawest with prolonged jam sessions and expanded solos that differ considerably from their studios offerings. You will find everything here, the spaced out, soulful and spine tingling guitar playing, delicate and erratic drumming and smooth soothing basslines all combined with the touch of Farina’s distinct voice.

Something for a warm summers night drive definately.

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