World’s End Girlfriend – Hurtbreak Wonderland

Maeda’s work has a certain clutterdness that would put most people off even considering listneing to him. However, it is his frenetic and clumsy nature that brings out the true orignality of his work. His previous effort The Lie Lay Land to me was too hectic and all over the place – even for WEG, however i have come to this album and am stumped at it’s beauty.

Maeda weaves strings with electronics to create a cacophonic and sparse aura of sound that come together and meet halfway between electronica and rock – kind of that space between one cliff and another – you know you will fall into the cravass – it’s just what comes ot mind when it actually happens. This is what i feel with this music, it’s confusing yet grabs you instantly by the balls and says you will enjoy this, no matter what. I don’t know if you understand…but it’s good stuff.

What i really liked about this record was the prominent use of the saxophone – it is such a versatile and emotional instrument and paired with sombre strings that Maeda uses to the enth degree is just mesmerising.

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