Emilie Simon – The Flower Book

Emilie Simon’s voice is that really sexy French kind….you know the one…it’s soft, it’s delicate, breathy and rediculously seductive. All that aside, her musical skills are masterful. She is a master of French electro-pop mixed in with often heavy bass beats and orchestral tinges. There is no doubt she is a beauty and when she sings,

“Come on, now im ready to close my eyes, and now im ready to close my mind, and now im ready to feel your hand, and lose my heart on the burning sand”

That you can’t resist her sensuality. The title of that song is ‘I wanna be oyur dog” by the way. I love her music and the way she constructs her songs – they are so well built around the drums accentuated with electronic and orchestral movements which compliment her overall sound wonderfully. She has done soundtracks for movies and delved into the pop world and you can only imagine where she can go in her career.

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