1000 Visitors – The Offspring – Ignition

So with this, my self-indulging commemorative 1000th visit post. Wow that was a mouthfull. I will bring you an album that while may be considered by many to be insignificant or uncool – is considered by me to have shaped my love affair with music itself. No, Ignition by The Offspring did not push boundaries, and no it didn’t make dents in the music world – but it has quite a place in my heart.

There is this unbridled energy to this record that makes me keep going back to it’s punk riffs, pounding drums, driving bass and Dexter’s unmistakable vocals. The album kicks off with ‘Session’ – an energetic a straight forward rock against the shitty girlfriend tune – great for those fight nights! From then on 1992’s Ignition takes you on a journey through some very awesome tunes including Kick Him When He’s Down and the undoubtedly favoured Offspring fan song – Dirty Magic.

Often overlooked because of their next release ‘Smash’ – which im sure you know has sold the most copies ever on an independant label – Ignition is where i believe Offspring really let themselves go and throw caution to the wind – unparalled punk energy full of vigour and determination – Rock On.

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