Random Post for Anonymous #2

So it makes you angry when the Australian government pledges to cut Co2 emissions by only five per cent in the next what? 25 years i think? pretty pathetic if you ask me. But then the next news story came on – GIGANTIC JUMPING SPIDERS IN ASIAN JUNGLES!

MY GF IS ASIAN – that means there is a possibility that while even though she was born here, she has brought back the demon spiders and they could infest my general living area – which is not good because i hate and am petrified of spiders!!! How does this all tie together? well these newly discovered super species are very low in numbers, and can be wiped out due to greenhouse gases and global warming! Clearly the Australian government has taken these super dangerous monkey spiders into account and has only chosen to cut emissions by 5 per cent to destroy these…these…things!

Kudos to you Australian government!

(i do not in any way endorse the governments new emissions scheme and am abhorently in objection to the dangerously low emissions cut proposals)

2 Responses to “Random Post for Anonymous #2”
  1. Anonymous says:

    i speak for all asians when i say
    they are coming to get you

  2. LN's friend says:


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