Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu – Gurrumul

Insane hype over this man. Absolutely insane hype over this man in Australia and it is growing throughout the world. He played for the Queen, literally meters away from her. You know what, never in my wildest dreams did i think my Album of the Year title would go to an Australian artist…but with this, Goeffrey Gurrumul’s first solo effort – the title has been awarded.

This man is no ordinary man. This Indigneous Australian was born blind, was born into the most disadvantaged culture in this country. And he has brought such a wonderful gift to all of this continents inhabitants. He learnt the guitar by ear and plays it upside down, he has also mastered keyboards and drums (which is amazing, but dont feature on this cd).

All of this set aside, his voice is his true and most inspiring instrument. His voice is the most sincere, heartfelt, evocative, emotive, captivating and enthralling voice i have heard – ok big call here – in my whole life. I almost cried during the second track, it just holds that kind of transcendental beauty, it is a voice that could last forever even when it had passed.

The album itself is nothign short of a masterpiece. It is nothing more than a man with his guitar – no songs of protest against Indigenous affairs, no songs of disdain or hatred – just songs of pure beauty, songs about culture, his homeland, his family and himself. The majority is sung in his native tongue, of which few understand – however it doesn’t take a second to understand him at all – his voice carries feeling with ease and transparency that i have not seen before. His guitar playing is sublime and contemplative with just the right amount of subtelty that si required to compliment his unique and diverse vocal chords.

Album of the Year.

2 Responses to “Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu – Gurrumul”
  1. Listening says:

    Right on brother! My favorite song is Wiyathul. Gurrumul is one of those special musicians we all wait for.

  2. Alex says:

    Wiyathul is a great great song, my fave though would have to be Marwurumburr – i could listen to that song all day haha.

    thanks for the comment.

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