The Evpatoria Report – Maar

The Evpatoria Report is one of many many many post-rock outfits flooding the scene lately, which to be honest i don’t mind because there is plenty of quality music for me to sink my teeth into. The Evpatoria Report show tinges of Explosions in the Sky prowess but also add flare with some jazzy keys, lax drumming and dreamy soundscapes that have a more laid back feel to them.

What i most enjoy about this album though is the bass, it really holds the tracks together especially with the sparce percussion and dreamy keys spinning out of control. The Guitars resemble that of EitS while crescendos and climaxes are of the GY!BE ilk. Another dynamic instrument added to the mix is a violin which really adds that speical layer of beauty that a lot of post-rock uses today.

Although comparisons can be drawn to GY!BE the songs themselves proabaly don’t rely too much on heart tugging, tear jerking emotion, rather The Evpatoria Report opt for a more relaxed, dreamy and ethereal soundscape to push their art. Definately one of my top albums for 2008, time to check out their EP….

2 Responses to “The Evpatoria Report – Maar”
  1. Rachel says:

    I’m a little disappointed with this album, mainly because I loved Golevka so much. Nevertheless, this is a good effort.

  2. Alex says:

    im thinking i should check out their ep very soon, this album is so laid back and dreamy.

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