Maybeshewill – Not For Want of Trying

I downloaded this because i thought the cover was amazingly beautiful – i dunno, theres just something about naked red heads that makes me take a second look – jks – what i found however was a nice suprise in this album by UK’s Maybeshewill.

They play some instrumental math-rock for the most part of the album, however some tracks do have slight vocals and/or sound recordings from around the place. Highlights include the dreamy and playful I’m in Awe Amadeus! which includes a rolling piano line and frollicking drums – makes me feel like im surrounded by clouds and unicorns for some reason. There is also an aggressive tone to many of the songs and The Paris Hilton Sex Tape showcases this to perfection.

Maybeshewill can also slow things down abit – seen on the drum machine driven Heartflusters. The album’s most epic track He Films the Clouds Part 2 is however something else – a journey that makes it’s way slowly to a powerful climax and absolute beauty. It is certainly a feat when an artist can convey such emotion without the help of a vocalist to drive power.

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