The Fall of Troy – Phantom on the Horizon

Mmmmmm yeah, the hardcore kid in me has awaken after years of hiding in the shadows. This is a fun time for me because I don’t like to indulge in too much hardcore/post-whatever punk music these days. But this release has been begging to be listneed to for a good four long years. The Fall of Troy first recorded the Ghosthip Demos in 2004 and those songs had become somewhat of an anomoly ever since – never surfacing in a ‘proper’ release…until now.

Phantom on the Horizon is essentially a re-recording of the four original Ghostship demos along with Ghostship Part III – which from memory was never recorded. However, the songs have been injectedc new life and although very similar, pack a massive punch to the face. The songs seamlessly intertwine together to form the saga – which to be honest i dont care much for, it’s the music in this neat little package that really fucks you up.

Chapter One plugs it’s way in with a slow burning bass line that culminates into a massively heavy and daunting riff backed by what only can be described as strings mixed with vocals mixed with ghosts and ghouls not of this world. It is a scary affair this ghsotship but a trip that will leave you wanting more. Erak’s vocals while containing less screaming than the demo versions are neither boring nor inflated. He uses his voice well, which is to be debated by many hardcore TFOT followers but it is welcoming and fresh and his high pitch can lift a song from 9/10 to a clear 10.

My personal favourite – Ghostship IV is a face melter – witht he most incredible solo that kicks the song off to growls, screams, thick heavy bass, pludering drums and intense guitar work that must be seen to be believed. Clocking in at 37 minutes and 7 seconds this EP is one not to be missed, and will leave you wanting more and more.

3 Responses to “The Fall of Troy – Phantom on the Horizon”
  1. Anonymous says:

    well said my man. I’ve been a fan since the self-titled cd and loved ghostship. I was a little hesitant to give this cd the overall perfect score that a lot of critics have been giving it. I think this is a step in the right direction and i’m excited to see what they can bring to the table with the next cd. Also, i just wanted to say to everyoen who hated manipulator… it was an experimental album, Thomas is even quoted as saying so. The whole soft/hard sound was intentional.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Indeed Well said.
    This album is so awesome.
    I liked it the first time I heard it(although this is nearly never the case with the best albums, in my experience) and I still like it after hearing it a lot of times throughout the last two days.
    Alongside Maybeshewill’s “Not For Want Of Trying” and The Evpatoria Report’s “Maar” (although these two differ a lot) this is definitely the best Album 2008, in my opinion.
    Not even Shai Hulud’s “Misanthropy Pure” or the new Sigur Ros, or the dissapointing new Slipknot-Album are a match for this.

    btw: interesting blog

  3. Alex says:

    Thanks guys, i really dont understand why everyone hates his vocals – but meh, music is subjective i guess.

    And to second anonymous guy – Maybeshewill Not For Want of Trying is a great album – ive been meaning to post it here for a while now, might just do that – he films the clouds pt 2 is an epic song.

    thanks for the comments

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