Random Post for Anonymous

So I made a trip to uni the other day, i don’t know which day but it was one of them lol.
Anyway, i was studying, and nature called – made my way to the toilet and i was reminded about me posting something on here that’s been on my mind regarding university toilets.

The thing is, when i study the walls of uni toilets they all still have the same stupid shit written on them, you know, like in high school they’re all graffitied with marker and stuff. But there is a fundamental difference. In high school the graffiti usually consists of something like a penis drawn on a wall, or some year 11 scribing “mr jones is a cockfag” or something like that. It is not like that at univeristy, at uni the markings are of much more witty standard, and sometimes incorporate intellectual debate.

If you ever get the chance (guys) to go to the D1-20 auditiorium toilets on the Magill campus there is a very intriguing debate about the meaning of life in the first cubicle. Also, in the C buildings toilet block there are some very funny comments about our very own Mr Kevin Rudd tracked onto the inside of the otilet door. But my personal favourite resides in the Library men’s toilets – an intellectual discussion on the colour of poo provided many a laughs while i carried on with my business.

This concludes this random post, more music very soon!

One Response to “Random Post for Anonymous”
  1. Anonymous says:

    dear alex…
    ur random ramblings provide me with much entertainment…after such an excrutiating exam!
    i’d like to point out, that the female toilets have just as much intellectual debate.
    yours sincerely

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