Parov Stelar – Shine

Parov Stelar is a relatively unknown fella, but i recently saw his record in the beats section of my local record store and was presently suprised and somewhat bemused at seeing his most recent offering Shine adorn the endless shelves of mainstream dance music.

This is clever music, it’s the kind of stuff you put on in the background on a hot summer’s night while sitting out in the backyard sipping on your favourite beverage – carefree. So what does it actually entail? Well, i can tell you that it is a trip into thick beats and downtempo lounge-electronica. It’s pleasently fucked up and exceedingly coooool at the same time. You know, the kind of cool that soothes the soul – speaking of soul the guest vocalists (the female vocals) are extremly soulful and pronounced, and they blend beautifully with the warm and alluring bass tones, sharp and funky beats and playful horn sections that Stelar pastes together meticulously.

Shine adds gloss to the melancholic but also to the upbeat (see Love[part1]) for a toe tapping extraveganza complete with a catchy vocal sample and swirling, electrifying synths. The genious in Stelar’s work is embedded in his infectious grooves and laid-back jazzy, funky and dare i sexy beats.

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