I uhm….I ahhh…I dont know how to say this…but…

You stink. Seriously i was sitting watching dancing with the stars last night with the parentals and i farted. You know, not like intentionally, but it leaked out, nothing i could do right? Am i right? I think so. So what does alex do? How does he weasle his way out of this potentially fatal situation? He blames it on the dogs, yes, i felt bad and most probably lost sleep last night bcoz of it…but its not unethical for me to do so right? meh. who cares.

So i wonder what you’re thinking right now….has he gone isnane? has he totally lost his cobbles and is walking theplank to a mental asylum? NO. He hasn’t. And he will continue with posting great music on this blog. But i (LN) feel i need to insert some random, nonsensical shit in between posts otherwise ur coming here for music and going. I mean is it too much to ask that you stay for a cup of tea and a biccie every now and then? i dont think so.

In saying that though, i do appreciate all you who visit htis blog (which probably isnt many) but hey, gotta start somewhere right?

Peace and Love

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