Alex’s Top Five Albums of All Time (3)

Bear Vs Shark – Righ Now You’re in the Best of Hands. And if Something Isn’t Quite Right, Your Doctor Will Know in a Hurry (2003)


Sorry….i have to just catch my breath after ….that ridiculously….long….album title…
But seriously, let’s get things straight, Bear Vs Shark hail(ed) from Highland Michigan and they had a knack for incredibly absurd titles of albums or songs – their final release however was only a one word affair. Needles to say, when you pop this disc in there is a multitude of energy and fun waiting for you, with a few out pourings of niceness here and there. Niceness? come on Alex what does this mean? read on.

SO what do they actually sound like – well if we are to go by their wiki descript, we are talking post-hardcore (wtf is that Alex). TBH i don’t really know myself, so im going to lable these guys punk rock – of the summer drive with windows down yelling at the top of your lungs variety.

Ma Jolie (the opening track) introduces the listener to a clap happy fun filled atmosphere, with a light hearted guitar underneath Marc Paffi’s unmistakable vocals. Paffi’s voice for some reason is unique enough to hold your attention and imperfect enough (yes imperfect vocals are a good thing) for the fan to sing along with. His uniquness also contributes to the fact that his scream doesn’t mimick every other screamer out there, it is fresh everytime. As the song closes we get a nice little scope of Paffi’s metaphorical lyrics,

“this is a poem, a combination of a sentence broken up to form a rhythm,
You are a poem, little pieces of my senses broken up to form an image”

“We Were Sad But NOw We’re Rebuilding” is another gem that begs you to repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat…ok you get the point don’t you. If you hunt the lyrics down for this album you will not look back. Track six, “Kylie” is ushered in with wonderfully toned guitar plucking, Paffi sings lightly over the guitar before the drum snare is tapped with excellent subtelty,

“Paint me a picture, a unique image of your inner kept feelings, Kylie say the words with silent ears and silent hands. Ive seen the boat and it seems to be sinking, i’ve seen the boat and it’s stuck on dry land”

And it builds into a crescendo, with Paffi screaming for the one he loves (that’s how i see it anyway). It would have to be one of the most personal and moving punk rock songs i have ever heard, in fact, it is so special that Paffi refused to play it live. Ever.

“MPS” and “Second” carry on in a slow manner, which is well placed for the absolute rockin you’re gonna do in the latter half of the record. We reach the song “Bloodgiver” and it’s hard to top this one, a BvS classic that is full of energy from Paffi, thick basslines, airy guitars, precise drumming and a build that would uplift a manic depressive from the lowest of lows.

To tell you the truth, i never really appreciated rock until i heard this album. This record, the first release of two from this amazing band, defined what it was to give it your all, not only on pressings but at shows and anything else in life. This record stopped me listening and made me interact with the sounds coming from my stereo. So it definately has earned it’s spot in my top five.

And if you were wondering, a bear would win….easily.


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