A Rumination on Current Dealings

So i woke up this morning, well i was woken up rather, to this premise of me driving to Mildura for a ‘family’ eighteenth. Today i drove all the way from Murray Bridge to Mildura – which is approximately five hours on the road. It felt good. In fact, it felt great, 100 km/h on the open road did me well. Not only for long distance driving practice but for other things aswell. I realise i really miss LN lol. So silly.

So im really really anticipating the release of Anathallo’s Canopy Glow, a long awaited album from a 7 piece of the good old USA. What’s that? USA? The same one that has a collective debt of 540 trillion dollars? The same country that just bailed out it’s whole bank market by borrowing money from overseas? Holy shit. When will people learn that borrowing money to pay off borrowed money does not work. What a crazy world we live in.

I will leave it there for now, i’ll be back very soon im sure to blabber on about something that you probably do not want to hear. Thankyou!


One Response to “A Rumination on Current Dealings”
  1. LN says:

    Thought it was only a day, i missed AS…

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