Alex’s Top Five Albums of All Time (5)

(5) Between the Buried and Me – Colors (2007)

Ok. Let’s get one thing straight, i am not the biggest fan of metal – in any respects. However, i do make way for some exceptional talent and obvious shredding skill (ala….well i don’t even know…maybe Mastodon?). Anyway, this album is what I like to call metal for people who hate metal.

I don’t know about yourself, but personally, a good album begins with some damn fine artwork, and htis is no exception – clean black with some rainbow colors reminiscent of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon.

BtBaM (as i will refer to them from now on) have a unique style, developed in their previous works (which i havnt really given a chance but want to). It’s a very progressive style of metal, there is still the unbelievable technique and very very clean instrumentation (production is very dope), however the way this band writes songs is cathartic. Picture this, and bare with me here, imagine pummeling guitars, thundering drums and a bassline that would make the tips of your fingers bleed, now cut to something that soudns like its from mario. Imagine a wall of smothering guitars with tribal percussion, now cut to a jazz interlude. Imagine beats with monkeys and elepants goign ape in the background, cut to pulsating rolls and a gutteral scream. This is BtBaM.

Now if you are anything like me, some guy growling and sounding like he has a bunch of stones lodged in his throat just doesnt deliver the aural pleasure your after. But here it isn’t so harsh, it’s almost buried in the mix to give the music itself a shapper edge. Along with this the vocals that are actual singing are extremly ethereal and appealing. Even to the most discernable listener.

It’s no suprise that “Ants of the Sky” was voted best metal song of 2007 on some website (sorry i don’t knwo the site haha). It is chock full of switches that just boggle the mind. This is the strong point of htis album, it’s NOT boring metal, it’s NOT repitive metal – it is interesting, and it holds your attention – and it WILL NOT let go!

This album is certainly a solid, intriguing and ecclectic metal album that will not dissapoint. Do yourself a favour and go buy it now.

– Alex

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